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  • rver Release 3.7.0 19 March 2019 - von : Dr.No
    === Server Release 3.7.0 19 March 2019 Important: Future releases of the Linux server will require glibc 2.17 or newer. Any older version will not be supported anymore. Added: New experimental features for the upcoming TeamSpeak 5 Client. Added: Server now logs when deleting someone else's avatar. Added: The IP address of a connecting ServerQuery client is now logged. Added: The query commands `clientlist -ip` and `clientinfo` show the IP address of connected query clients. Added: Restricted the amount of possible ServerQuery connections to five per IP. Whitelisted IPs ignore this limit, and the limit can be changed using `instanceedit serverinstance_serverquery_max_connections_per_ip=<limit>` in the ServerQuery. Changed: Updated default license to be valid until the 31st of January 2020. Changed: ServerQuery clients will no longer have their IP address added to the default nickname. Changed: The query command `privilegekeyadd` will no longer create privilege keys for query groups. Fixed: Improved speed of clientdblist. Fixed: Unicode support in interactive query ssh sessions. Fixed: IP-Location database is up to date again. Fixed: Server crash when a client sent a malformed login. Fixed: Broken ban pattern matches on older Linux platforms. Removed: Legacy codecs (Speex, CELT) can no longer be selected when creating or editing channels. Support for these codecs will be removed with future server releases. Removed: Permission 'b_client_issue_client_query_command' was removed, because it was not being used for anything.