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  • Client Release 3.3.0 - 18 Jun 2019 - von : Dr.No
    ! Updated Qt framework to 5.12 LTS releases. ! Updated Opus codec to version 1.3 to introduce lots of quality improvements, new features, and bug fixes. ! This version of the TeamSpeak Client requires macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later. ! The HTML style tag is no longer supported in infoframe templates. All addon authors should use the <stylename>_chat.qss file for CSS style definitions instead. ! Updated Plugin API version to 23. * Increased size limit for text messages to 8 KiB. * Updated easy-permission templates to use Opus instead of Speex/CELT codecs. * Spacer tags in channel names will now be omitted in infoframe templates. * Improved pagination support for banlist and clientdblist for plugin API. + Added additional variables to infoframe templates. + Implemented multi-select for clients in the servertree. + Implemented multi-track recording feature, to allow recording each client's audio stream independently. + Added support for signed badges to prevent usage of fake data. Note, that this feature requires TeamSpeak Server version 3.8.0 or later. + Added support for URL tagging in incoming text messages. + Added support for myTeamSpeak ID bans in virtual server banlist. + Added support for Windows tiles. Thanks to our user RandomHost for providing the material. + Added support for updated license types (Gamer, Commercial, Sponsorship). + Added invoker data for onPluginCommandEvent(). Note, that server-side support for this API change will be introduced with TeamSpeak Server version 3.9.0. - Fixed a freeze in easy-permission settings when switching between different templates. - Fixed a bug where default profiles could be deleted in settings. - Fixed crashes reported by crashdumps.